Best cruises from South Wales offers

Start your mini cruise from South Wales with a choice of three ports. Cruises and short breaks can be booked departing from Southern cities including Cardiff, Swansea and Newport.

Cruise Ship Cardiff
The largest city in Wales and its capital. Cardiff is home to the famous 11th century castle, the Welsh National War Memorial and many historic buildings. But more importantly the Bay; a Marina with bars and an eatery. You can now cruise to Iceland with a choice of four destination ports from the Welsh capital. Book your cruise from Cardiff.

A city located on the south coast. During your time in Swansea visit the Marina, the Museum and stroll around the market offering local fresh produce. You can also walk around the castle ruins surrounded by a stunning coastal view. Book a cruise from Swansea.

Situated in the south east, Newport began as a small seaport town before being granted a city status at the turn of the century. It is mostly known for its docks and universuty campus. The city has its own Cathedral that was founded 1,500 years ago and a Roman Fortess & Baths. Book cruise from Newport.

Canal Boat An alternative from 2020
If cruises aren't for you then become an early bird and check out the new canal boat holidays in Wales page that offers short breaks along the small network of Welsh Canals including The Monmouthshire, Brecon & Abergavenny Canal.

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Three useful tips for first time cruisers

First time cruiser? New to cruising? Here's three top tips on things you can do while on-board.

1. Purchase an on-board photo during your cruise.
2. Book a balcony cabin.
3. Relax in the cruise ship's hot-tub and make full.use of on-site amentities.

In the future cabins will be technologically advanced so they adapt to your mood.

Five facts about Wales

Here are five facts about Wales that you may have never knew.

1. Wales' official name in the Welsh language is Cymru.
2. There are more castles per area in than any other country.
3. Only a fifth of the countries population can speak Welsh, its official language from the Brittonic family.
4. The national animal of the country's flag is the red dragon.
5. It is known that visitors can experience the four seasons in one day, although this is a rare experience.

An extra fact just for fun: Wales is part of the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

Contributed by Bejo Dohmen, Anna , Gill and Daniel. Guests from East Lancashire, Birmingham , Leeds, Rochdale and Channel Islands.